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Site Installation & Commissioning


Site Installation & Commissioning

A construction site demands specific electrical specifications. A robust electrical infrastructure is imperative to supply power to the advanced and heavy-duty tools and machinery crucial for construction operations. The electrician must prioritize safety for all individuals, even in temporary setups. Rigorous testing and inspection of the consumer unit, wiring, and electrical components are conducted to identify any faults or deviations from established Wiring Standards. The inspection and testing encompass various aspects, including visual assessment, insulation resistance testing, earth leakage testing, tightness checks, earth resistance testing, and thermal imaging of the electrical panel.

Commissioning stands as a pivotal phase in guaranteeing the successful construction and operation of a building. It is a systematic procedure aimed at ensuring that a building functions in alignment with the design intent, contractual specifications, and the operational requirements of the owner. Commissioning plays an indispensable role in the overall success of the building’s design process. Given the intricacy of contemporary building designs and the sophistication of their systems, commissioning has become a necessary component, although it is not automatically integrated into the standard design and construction processes. Regardless of the building type, commissioning offers substantial benefits. However, its significance is even more pronounced in energy-efficient buildings, where it is crucial to ensure that they function as intended, maintaining optimal comfort and efficiency

We support customers for the various installation of electrical related works. Like Panel installation, modifications at site, wiring, cabling etc.