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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

During the critical early stages of designing a process package or plant, one of the most pivotal decisions involves selecting the appropriate control system. The initial step is to determine whether there is a need for automating your process and, if so, what type of controls are necessary. In today’s complex process industries, the challenges have significantly multiplied due to the unpredictable global economic landscape. In such an environment, the role of the process control system is elevated, extending beyond basic regulatory functions. It transforms into a valuable tool for plant management, aimed at reducing energy consumption, cutting costs, minimizing emissions, and delivering swift and accurate field data to support production and business decisions.

Process Automation & Factory Automation

Factory automation pertains to the manufacturing of products through assembly, machining, printing, or packaging, while process automation focuses on the utilization of sensors, actuators, computer technology, and software engineering to oversee and control plants and factories in industries that create final products. Factory automation constitutes a comprehensive industrial process that leverages technology to automate tasks, processes, and production with the aim of enhancing manufacturing output and efficiency while reducing costs. In factory automation, items are produced, assembled, packaged, machined, and more. Control systems utilize computer software to program equipment and machinery, replacing historically manual manufacturing tasks.

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