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Industrial Automation

One of the most crucial decisions in the initial design phase of a process package or plant is the selection of the control system. First thing is to identify if there is any requirement for automating your process. If yes then the type of controls required to automate it. The challenges faced by today’s process industries have been multiplied by the volatile state of the global economy. In this type of environment the demands on the process control system are increased, going beyond simple regulatory functions. It becomes a tool to manage the plant, decrease energy consumption, reduce costs, cut emissions and provide quick and precise information from the field to support production and business decisions.

Process Automation & Factory Automation

Factory automation relates to the manufacturing of objects that are assembled, machined, printed or packaged; whereas process automation involves using sensors, actuators, computer technology and software engineering to monitor and manage plants and factories related to industries that produce end products.Factory automation is a holistic industrial process that utilizes technologies that automate tasks, processes and production designed to increase manufacturing output and maximize efficiency at reduced costs. In factory automation, products are manufactured, assembled, packaged, machined, and so forth. Control systems employ computer software to program equipment and machinery to perform manufacturing tasks that were historically performed manually.

We will hear the customer for their requirements on automation process. We will propose the best solution based on the requirements. We will guide them for a better approach in the automation process based on our experience.