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We take pride in the successful design, manufacturing, and delivery of an IP66 rated Motor Control Panel tailored for a prestigious client based in Abu Dhabi. Specifically constructed for deployment in a marine environment, the panel features highly resistant Stainless Steel SS 316L enclosures, renowned for their exceptional anti-corrosive properties.

To ensure comprehensive cable protection, a dedicated anti-corrosive cable tray has been seamlessly integrated into the panel’s design. This Motor Control Panel is equipped with circuits dedicated to powering motors, accompanied by monitoring instruments that record and oversee feeder consumption.

A noteworthy acknowledgment goes to the Italian manufacturer of these enclosures, whose commitment to quality ensures resilience in the face of harsh environmental conditions. Their craftsmanship contributes significantly to the durability and effectiveness of the finished enclosure.

This highlights our proficiency not only in addressing specialized customer requirements for Explosion-proof solutions, encompassing ATEX and IECEX certifications but also in delivering safe area weatherproof panels with an IP66 rating and specific type-tested solutions.